Birds: Always an unnoticed pest threat in food industry



As a manufacturer or food business operator, we also know typical pests that create the critical problem in our operations such as ants, cockroaches, flies, mice and rats.   You may find various pest control operators offers a different set of solutions for these pest problems.  However, there is the serious forthcoming threat that many manufacturer or food business operator face these days where solutions and answers are harder to come by – birds.

Needless say like rodents and insect pests, birds pose through their droppings, and feathers.

Preventing birds from getting into manufacturing or food-handling area are imperative in view of public or consumer health, as matter of fact the mere presence of birds could lead audit failure, shutdowns, loss of customer, and significant revenue loss. In addition, birds can cause structural and hygiene issue not only that building covered with bird and dropping send a signal to other about perceptions of cleanliness and hygiene.

Though there are a number of effective techniques available to deter birds. It is very important that the pest control operators has knowledge of local laws and regulations and their safety requirements.

Listed below are some of effective bird control systems:


Though the method is very traditional, it still remains the most effective among others. Using a variety of material like netting, sheet metal, screening and strip doors you can keep birds from accessing areas of your manufacturing or handling area.


Roosting Modification:

Often bird roost and perch on ledges, beams, over signs, dock shelter, and even signs. By adding mechanical controls to these areas, such as anti-roosting wire, spike system, and wire deterrent, you can force birds to relocate to another area.



Behaviour modification:

By altering environment on roosting and perching area, you can trigger bird’s safety and security and scare them to away from the locations. The tools used to make these modification are Ultrasonic / harassment tools, electrified track system, tactile (gel coating) / taste and smell repellents.


Though the only methodology provides a temporary solution, this method is a humane means of relocating bothersome birds.

Hazing and turf: 

(Methyl Anthranilate – MA- naturally occurring compound in grapes and citrus fruits). The chemical need to applied over affected area at a specified interval to deter the bird from your facility