Food Grade Lubricants’ Role in Processing – ONLINE EXCLUSIVE


Food grade lubricants are potentially indirect food additives. How can a grease or an oil become a food additive? Leaks, excessive lubrication, messy application during maintenance, etc. Today’s beverage and food-associated processing plants are running faster and harder than ever before. Lubrication safety audits, selecting and implementing premium quality food grade lubricants, along with the proper lubrication program, are proactive steps toward a safe, efficient, and hygienic processing facility all while increasing profitability. A lubrication safety audit lends itself to proper equipment lubrication, improved performance, and the opportunity for lubricant consolidation, thus lowering the cost of inventory and the misapplication of lubricant. Safety audits should be performed every three years. A plant survey should be conducted when changing lubricant vendors and every time new machinery is added to the production line. A survey also exposes handling and storage procedures and various environmental concerns, all of which can all lead to lubricant contamination.

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