Foods you should not reheat


The microwave is a handy tool for quick cooking but there are some foods you should never reheat.According to the Food Standards Agency you should abide by the three C’s- cooking, cleaning, chilling and avoiding cross-contamination in order to eat safely.When it comes to heating food you should always ensure it is steaming hot and you should never reheat more than once.

Here are come foods you should never reheat

Food you didn’t know you could freeze
Celery-Many people eat soup containing celery but you should avoid reheating it as the vegetable’s nitrate contents could turn toxic.

Eggs-You should never reheat boiled or scrambled eggs. Other egg is generally fine to reheat as long as it is piping hot.

Spinach-The contents of spinach can turn toxic if reheated.

Mushrooms-Mushrooms should be eaten as soon as you have made them due to the deteriorating proteins.

Potatoes-Growth of botulism is possible if you reheat potatoes.

Chicken-The protein composition changes when a cold chicken is reheated. If you want to reheat chicken you should make sure it is piping hot.

Beetroot-Beetroot is rich in nitrates so avoid reheating this vegetable.

Bacteria can cause food poisoning after reheating

Rice-Uncooked rice contains spores of bacteria which can survive after it’s been cooked. At room temperature these can multiply and will remain even after the rice has been reheated.This bacteria can give you food poisoning and the rice becomes more dangerous the longer you leave it at room temperature.