Gear up for Food Safety

Cutting board and Utentils

A cutting board is an essential  tool in the kitchen — without it (and a knife) almost no preparation can be done. But, it’s important to clean and sanitizing cutting boards each  and every use to significantly reduce the risk of cross- contamination and foodborne illness.

Did you know? 

Improperly maintained cutting board becomes harborage of bacterias and can lead cross- contamination. Luckily, this type of cross – contamination usually can be avoided with implementation of few simple procedure:

  • Allocate cutting board according to food category. For example One for produce / Vegetables , one for raw meat and poultry and others
  • Use multi-color coded cutting board to reduce the instance of cross- contamination
  • Wash cutting board preparing each food items.
  •  Replace the cutting board whenever necessary

For more information watch the below video: